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Name: Warwick Light  

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Also known as: Warwick Neck Light

Nearest Town or City:
Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

Location: Warwick Neck, Narragansett Bay.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
U.S. Coast Guard

By 1930 the original 1826 lighthouse was in danger of falling over the eroding cliff, so a new lighthouse was built in 1932. A hurricane in 1938 caused so much erosion that the new lighthouse had to be moved 50 feet back from the bluff.

Tower Height: 51

Height of Focal Plane: 66

Description of Tower: White conical cast iron tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1889 1.5 story wood frame keeper's house, storage building, garage

Earlier Towers?
1826: 30-foot tower on roof of dwelling.

Date Established: 1826

Date Present Tower Built: 1932

Tower Moved?
yes (1939).

Date Automated: 1985

Optics: 1856: Fourth order Fresnel lens; now 250 mm.

Fog Signal: Originally fog bell; now automated horn with one blast every 15 seconds

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, Coast Guard housing.

Open To Public? No.

North on U.S. Route 1: Turn right onto RI 117, then right again at Warwick Neck Avenue. Continue south to the light station. The public is not admitted into the station, and the view from the gate is partly blocked.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Elisha Case (1826-1831); Daniel Waite (1831-1841); John Rice (1841-1845); John N. Greene (1845-1849); Franklin McGuire (1849-1853); Stephen W. Arnold (1853-1861); William Tanner (1861-1866); Theodore E. Anthony (1866-1867); Alfred Fish (1867-1870); Clarford L. Woodman (1870-1873); Joseph Smith (1873-1886); George H. Burroughs (1886); Edward F. Hovie (1886-1898); James McCann (1898-1901); Joseph D. Burke (1901-1905); Nathaniel Dodge (1905); Edward Barnes Cole (1905-1906); Charles F. Mulford (1906-1908); William H. N. Lake (1908-1912); Thomas J. Murphy (1st asst., 1909); ? Anderson (1st asst., 1909-1910); J. H. Gregorie (1st asst., 1910); Walter Whitford (1st asst., 1910-1911); Edward M. Grant (1st asst., 1911-1912); Charles L. Fletcher (1st asst., 1912-1915); Jorden Bakken (1912-1932); Willus (Willis?) A. Green (1st asst., 1915-1921); Edward Murphy (1st asst., 1921-1932, head keeper 1932-at least 1946); Harry Wilbur (1953-1963), Luther Jacobsen (Coast Guard, 1975-1977), Alan Penney (Coast Guard, February 1978 - April 1982), William Knight (Coast Guard, 1981-1985)

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