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Name: Eastern Point Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States

Location: East side of Gloucester Harbor entrance.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont

Managing Organization:
U.S. Coast Guard

A day marker was established at Eastern Point; the marker was adapted to become a lighthouse in 1832. Gloucester was one of the world's leading fishing ports in the 19th century.

Tower Height: 36

Height of Focal Plane: 57

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every five seconds, visible for 24 nautical miles, lighted 24 hours.

Description of Tower: White cylindrical brick tower with black and red cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1879 two story wood keeper's house, 1951 fog signal building, 1894 oil house, 1947 garage.

Earlier Towers?
1832: 30-foot stone lighthouse; 1848: 34-foot tower.

Date Established: 1832 (1/1/1832)

Date Present Tower Built: 1890

Date Automated: 1985

Optics: 1832: 10 lamps and reflectors; c. 1848: 11 lamps and reflectors, surrounded by red plate glass; 1857: Fourth order Fresnel lens; 1994: DCB-36, now DCB-24. Fresnel lens now on display at the Cape Ann Historical Association Museum in Gloucester.

Fog Signal: c. 1857: Fog bell and striking mechanism; 1897: 4,000 pound fog bell; 1969: electronic fog horn, automated in 1985. A fog bell is now on display on the station grounds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, Coast Guard housing.

Open To Public? No.

In Gloucester, follow Eastern Point Boulevard into the Eastern Point neighborhood. There are "private" signs, but you are allowed to drive directly to the lighthouse station. There is a large (free) parking area near the station. The best views of the lighthouse are from the 2,250-foot breakwater, a favorite fishing spot. There are also several options for lighthouse cruises passing Eastern Point Light. The Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands run occasional cruises in the area, call (781) 740-4290. The Boston Harbor Explorers may also offer cruises passing the station; call (617) 479-1871. Harbor Tours, Inc., offers a daily lighthouse cruise, July to Labor Day at 2:30 pm, leaving from Gloucester's Harbor Loop. Call (978) 283-1979 or email for details. The Thacher Island Association in Rockport offers occasional Cape Ann lighthouse cruises; call (978) 546-7697.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Samuel Wonson (1832-?); James Rowe (c. 1849-1850s); Samuel G. Norwood (1853-1854 and 1860-1861); Benjamin Cross (1851-1855); Aug. A. Russell (assistant, 1854); Robert Peel, Jr. (1858-1860); Osmond Cross (assistant, 1865); Thomas Burgess (assistant 1865-1867); Charles R, Ryan (assistant, 1865); Fitz (?) U. B. Hinckley (1866); William Gray (1866-1867); Samuel A. Green (1867); Henry Woodbury (1867-1872); Charles Friend (1872-1882); George G. Bailey (1882-1892); George E. Bailey (1892-1926): George W. Bailey (first assistant, 1901); Leroy E. Wheeler (first assistant, 1902-?); Rolland G. Ryder (first assistant, 1904); George T. Gustavus (assistant, c. 1916-1919); Gilbert Hay (c. 1931); Francis Macy (assistant, c. 1931-1941); Carl Delano Hill (c. 1940s); Charles S. Martin (1953-1954); Irving Sparrow (c. 1953-1954); Andrew M. McLaughlin (Coast Guard, Second Class Engineman, July 1956 - Sept. 1957); Richard Arnold (Coast Guard, First Class Boatswain Mate, c. 1956-1957); Robert Foley (Coast Guard, c. 1969-1974); Lon D. Reed (Coast Guard officer in charge June 1974 - June 1977); Ansel B. Crombleholme (Coast Guard engineer, c. 1974-1977); Richard "Gary" Craig (Coast Guard, 1976-1977); Michael Mone (Coast Guard, early 1980s); BM1 Rick O'Rourke (Feb. 1983-Aug. 1984); Chris Benton (Coast Guard, 1983-1985)

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