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Name: Saddleback Ledge Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Vinalhaven, Maine, United States

Location: Isle au Haut Bay.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont

Managing Organization:
U.S. Coast Guard

Sadldleback Ledge Lighthouse was designed by noted architect Alexander Parris. Keepers originally lived inside the tower; a combination equipment room and keeper's quarters was built later. This building was demolished in the 1960s. Saddleback Ledge was considered one of the most remote and difficult lighthouse locations.

Tower Height: 42

Height of Focal Plane: 52

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every six seconds.

Description of Tower: Conical granite tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?

Date Established: 1839

Date Present Tower Built: 1839

Date Automated: 1954

Optics: 1856: Fourth order Fresnel lens; now 300 mm.

Fog Signal: 1887: Fog bell and striking machinery in pyramidal skeleton tower; now automated fog horn with one blast every 10 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Saddleback Ledge Light is difficult to see from the mainland. You may be able to see it from some of the excellent lighthouse cruises on board the Lively Lady Too out of Camden; call (207) 236-6672 or email for information. Old Quarry Ocean Adventures in Stonington also offers occasional lighthouse cruises that include this lighthouse; call (207) 367-8977 or see for information.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Watson Y. Hopkins (1839-?); Jonathan (?) Burgess (c. 1850s); James H. Orcutt (1871-1886); George W. Blodgett (1886-1898); Edward K. Tapley (second assistant, 1886); Fred J. Rich (1898-1902); Henry C. Neal (1902-1907); Jerome C. Brawn (1907-1909); Verney L. King (1910-1912); Andrew Bennett (1914-1925); W. W. Wells (c. 1920s -1930s); Alamander Alley (c. 1920s - 1947); "Buggy" Osgood (1948-1951); Edward Giffin (substitute, c. 1949); Charles A. Gott, assistant (1876-1881); Thomas H. Orcutt (1883-1886); Roscoe Lopaus, assistant (c. 1890); Levi Farnham, assistant (c. 1890); Herbert C. Richardson, assistant (c. 1890); William H. Thompson, assistant (c. 1890), Will C. Tapley (c. 1890); Charles E. B. Stanley, assistant (c. 1890); Fred W. Morong, Jr. (c. 1890); Charles W. Thurston, assistant (c. 1890); Charles A. Burke, assistant (1902-1905); Marmal R. Newman, assistant (1905, 1908); Thomas L. Godfrey, assistant (1903); Edward E. Dyer, assistant (1906); Raymond D. Randall, assistant (1906-1907); James V. Calderwood (1908); Willie W. Corbett, assistant (1908-1910); Leo Allen, assistant (1910-1912); Fred T. Robinson, assistant (1912); Leonard Bosworth Dudley (c. 1920s); Edward Howell (assistant, c. 1920s); W. W. Wells (c. 1930s); Harold (Tom) Jones (Coast Guard, c. 1943-1945); Gordon P. Eaton (Coast Guard, 1952)

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