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Name: Petit Manan Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Milbridge, Maine, United States

Location: Off Petit Manan Point.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
Petit Manan Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

After the light was automated, the island, except for the tower, was turned over to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It is part of 3,335-acre Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge. There is a breeding colony of puffins on the island as well as common eiders, roseate terns, common terns, and Arctic terns. In 2006, the tower was given to the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Tower Height: 119

Height of Focal Plane: 123

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every 10 seconds.

Description of Tower: Conical granite tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1875 1.5 story wood frame keeper's house, 1887 brick fog signal building, 1876 engine house, rain shed, boathouse, oil house, outhouse.

Earlier Towers?
1817: stone lighthouse.

Date Established: 1817

Date Present Tower Built: 1854-55

Date Automated: 1972

Optics: 1855: Second order Fresnel lens, now on display at the Maine Lighthouse Museum; 1972: DCB-224. Currently (2003) VRB-25.

Fog Signal: 1855: Fog bell and striking mechanism in bell tower; 1869: Steam driven fog whistle; 1887: new fog signal building. Now automated fog horn with one blast every 30 seconds.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? No.

Only distant views are possible from the mainland. From US Route 1 between Steuben and Milbridge, turn south at Pigeon Hill Road. The turn is about three miles west of the intersection of US 1 and US 1A in Milbridge. Continue on Pigeon Hill Road about 4.3 miles to the Chitman Point area, location of a fishermens' cooperative and a lobster pound. Petit Manan Light can be seen from here. You can also drive about one-half mile further to the Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge parking area. The lighthouse can be seen from some points on the refuge's Shore Trail. It can also be seen from a puffin watching cruise offered by the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company, leaving from the Bar Harbor Regency in Bar Harbor. Call (207) 288-2386 or (800) WHALES for the schedule and reservations.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Robert Leighton (c. 1830); Patrick Campbell (c. 1831); John Simpson (c. 1833-1837); Moses Thompson (1838-1842); Richard C. Ray (1849-1853); Henry Tracy (1853-1854 and 1855-1860); John P. Small (1854-1855); Nathan D. Yeaton (1869-1872); George L. Upton (1876-1890); William D. Upton (1890-c. 1901); Charles A. Kenney (1903-1905); Frank L. Cotton (c. 1905); James H. Freeman, first assistant, then keeper (1930-c. 1942); Edwin A. Pettegrow (Pettegrew) (c. 1935); Cecil Bryant (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, c. 1953-1954); Jim Woods (Coast Guard Officer in Charge, 1971-1972) Assistants: Amos Gay (c. 1830); George M. Small (c. 1855); Josiah W.R. Richardson, second assistant (1855); Darius Fickett, second assistant (1855); Alfred Moore (1855); Daniel Stanwood (1858); William Ray (1858-1859); Benjamin W. Means (1858-1860); Joseph W. Stover (1859); Eben Stanwood (1860); Stillman Parrott (1861-1871); Edwin K. Moore (1871-1872); Ezra D. Robinson (1872-?); John C. Noonan (1877, 1881); Frank W. Stevens, second assistant (1877, 1881); John Conners (1885-1886); William D. Upton, second assistant (1885-1890); James W. Kelley, second assistant (1886-1889); William C. Gott, second assistant (1889-1893); Frederic William Morong (April 1890-Nov 1890); Adelbert C. Leighton (1891-1896); Edmund Conners, second assistant (1893-c. 1901); Edward D. Small, second assistant (1896-1897); Henry B. Collins (1897-1898); Edward S. Farren, second assistant (1898-c. 1901); Otto A,. Wilson (c. 1905); Thomas A. Robinson, second assistant (c. 1905); Eugene C. Ingalls (1914-1916); Pierre A. Fagonde (c. 1929); Earle B. Ashby (assistant, c. 1929); Roscoe L. Fletcher (2nd assistant, 1928-1936), Arthur Marston (c. 1940s); Robert Brann (Coast Guard, 1953-1954); Gus Chizmas (Coast Guard, c. 1961); Richard Hennebury (Coast Guard, 1965-1967)

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