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Name: Mount Desert Rock Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Frenchboro, Maine, United States

Location: About 20 miles south of Mount Desert Island, entrance to Frenchmans Bay.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
College of the Atlantic

Telephone: 207-288-5015


Contact Address Information:
105 Eden Street
Bar Harbor
Maine, 04609, United States

The light station has been used as a whale watching station by the College of the Atlantic since the late 1970s. The lighthouse was transferred to the college under the Maine Lights Program in 1998.

Tower Height: 58

Height of Focal Plane: 75

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every 15 seconds, visible for 18 nautical miles.

Description of Tower: Conical granite tower with black cast iron lantern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1893 1.5-story wood-frame Colonial duplex keeper's house, cistern, storage building, 1895 boathouse.

Earlier Towers?
1830: wooden tower attached to keeper's dwelling.

Date Established: 1830

Date Present Tower Built: 1847

Date Automated: 1977

Optics: 1858: Third order Fresnel lens; c. 1975: rotating aerobeacons; 1985: DCB-24; 1993: Vega VRB-25 solar powered optic.

Fog Signal: 1858: Fog bell and striking machinery in bell tower, later fog whistle; now automated fog horn with two blasts every 30 seconds, operating continuously.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, research station.

Open To Public? No.

Occasionally whale watches from Bar Harbor pass the lighthouse, but the cruises go where the whales are, so there's no guarantee of lighthouse sightings. Call the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. at (207) 288-2386 or Whale Watcher Inc. at (207) 288-3322 for information. Scenic flights are available from the Bar Harbor Airport; you mat be able to get an aerial view of Mount Desert Rock Light. Call Acadia Air, Inc., at (207) 667-5534 for information.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Esais Preble (1833-1835); Benjamin Ward Jr. (1841-?); Jacob L. Richardson (1848-1850); David King (1850-1853); Rufus King (1853-1859); George Booth (1859-1860); Joseph Hopkins (1860-1861); William E. Holden (1861-1864); Seth H. Higgins (assistant 1864-1865, principal keeper 1865-1867); J. A. Williken (1867-1868); Otis W. Kent (1868-1872); Amos B. Newman (1872-1881); James A. Morris (1881-1882); Thomas R. Milan (or Mylan) (1882-1902); Fred M. Robbins, second assistant (1898-1899), then first assistant (1899-1902) then principal keeper (1902-1911); Vinal O. Beal, second assistant (1909-1910), first assistant (1910-1911), then principal keeper (1911-c. 1918, and 1924-1930); Arthur Edward Ginn (c. 1918-early 1920s); George York (1928-1936); Robert G. Wass (c. 1930s); Ralph Demons (c. 1950); John Baxter (Coast Guard, c. 1962); Douglas Nute (Coast Guard, c. 1970s); Russ Allyson (Coast Guard 1971-1972); Gary Crossman (Coast Guard, 1973-1974); Glenn Gearhart (Coast Guard, 1974-1975). Assistant keepers: William Preble (1833-1835); William H. Ward (1855-1858); John Dolliver Jr. (1858-1859); B. Thurber (1859-1864); David Rollins (1865-1867); Dan Ladd (1865); William Gilley (1867); Dan B. Eaton (1867-1871); Perry W. Richardson (1868-1870 and 1871-1872); Amos B. Newman (1870-1872); Mark W. Hodgson, (1872-1882); William P. Sawyer, second assistant (1872-1878); James A. Morris (1874-1876); Frank Collins (1876-1877); Howard P. Robbins, second assistant (1878-1882); William Stanley, assistant (1882-1883); Benjamin Maddox (1883-1888); Howard M. Gilley, second assistant (1883-1887); Lewis F. Sawyer, second assistant (1887-1888), then first assistant (1888-1889); Willis Dolliver, second assistant (1887-1890), then first assistant (1890-1891); William J, Newman, second assistant (1890), then first assistant (1890); Thomas R. Savage, second assistant (1891-1892); Orrin L. Milan, second assistant (1892-1895), then first assistant (1895-1897); Charles Thurston, second assistant (1895-1897), then first assistant (1897-1899); Joseph M. Gray (c. 1900); Bert Richard (c. 1901); Herbert P. Richardson, second assistant (c. 1902); Charles H. Newman (c. 1902-1908); William H. C. Dodge, second assistant (c. 1902-1908); W. P. Kent (1909-1910); Wilbert F. Lurney (or Lurvey?) second assistant (1910), then first assistant (1911-?); Charles A. Radley, second assistant (1911-?); Everett Quinn, assistant (c. 1935); H. C. Day, assistant (c. 1935).

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