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Common problems and issues on the web

By Geoffrey Baker


Sometimes it is easy to forget that lots of people are logging onto our site for the very first time, and sometimes they are new to the Internet as well. So here are some tips on how to make it easy on yourself when you are browsing on our site.

Username and password problems

If you have already ordered from us, then you should have a username and password. Write it down somewhere so you don't forget it!

When you first enter our site, log on with your username and password. It is much easier and more reliable than trying to log on later, during or after the order process.

When choosing a username, we recommend you use your email address . . . that SHOULD be unique. (But sometimes it isn’t, so be warned. Especially large providers, like yahoo, msn or aol, might have issued your email address to a previous account which later cancelled. And that email name might be on OUR system.)

With over 120,000 registered users, you would be surprised just how many passwords are already taken. So make sure you use a unique and complicated one to begin with. You can try for a simpler one after you have successfully joined.

If you get a message saying the username or password is already taken, remember, EITHER one could be in use, so change BOTH.

Don't confuse our system with your Windows password/username. That is a different system altogether. Again, we recommend you use your email address as your username.

Email problems

When you join our membership online, you get to select if you want to receive email from us, and what kind of email. Remember, WE NEVER SEND YOU EMAIL that you did not agree to accept when you filled out the form. The form asks you if you want to receive email from us, to receive no email at all, or to receive email from us and other partners of ours. You get to choose! While it seems like everybody is spamming everybody else on the Internet these days, we are very careful not to send email to anyone who hasn't specifically agreed to it! And we don't buy lists of email names.

Still, maybe you forgot and one day you look at your email and among the fifty pieces of junk email you see one from us and can't remember who we are and don't want to receive any more. Well, the first line of the email message from us always explains how to unsubscribe.

DON’T JUST CLICK REPLY AND TYPE "Unsubscibe"... we will do so if necessary, but if you use the correct unsubscribe method, it is less error prone than having one of us handle it manually!

Every message we send includes this line: "If you do not wish to receive future emails, or wish to receive emails but do not want your name given to other companies, click the link below. You will be able to choose for yourself how you want this information treated."


Then there is a link like the one above, which if you click on, takes you to our simple one-click unsubscribe page on the website.

Multiple emails

If you receive multiple emails from us, it’s not just because we like you so much we want to write to you more often . . . it’s because you entered yourself onto our database multiple times. If you don't use a password and username, then you are given a temporary user ID, and those can pile up in our database. Each one will receive email unless you specifically request that we NOT send email to you . . . you see the problem. Just create a single account and you will never get more than one email from us.


Don't be afraid of emailing us or phoning us to ask for help! Email support@lhdepot.com or phone us at 1-800-758-1444 for help.

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