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Collecting Nautical Antiques

The Works of Edward Rowe Snow Part 2

By Jim Claflin


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Continued from last month . . .

Last month, we talked about noted author, lecturer and historian Edward Rowe Snow. Mr. Snow has been credited with over 140 books and pamphlets as well as hundreds of newspaper articles, lectures, and tours of the area. Today his books are sought after by millions and many titles continue to be reprinted. In recognition of the 100th anniversary of Snow’s birth, on August 22, 2002, Commonwealth Editions will be releasing commemorative hardcover editions of two of Mr. Snow’s most enduring books; The Islands of Boston Harbor and The Lighthouses of New England.

Last month we began our listing of Mr. Snow’s many titles and below we have continued. Over the next few months we will complete this listing for you. For those of you who would like a complete printed listing, please let us know and we will email or mail one to you. Again this month we discovered another map that we were not aware of, and by our next column, who knows, we may have discovered yet another item or title to add to our list....

Great Storms and Famous Shipwrecks of the New England Coast 1943

The Rise and Fall of the Boston Market

A Trip Around our Coast

Whittier’s Terrifying Ocean (pamphlet) 1980

The Story of the Minerva Shipwreck (pamphlet) 1977

Pirates and Buccaneers 1944

Storms and Shipwrecks

All Aboard for Nantasket

By Sea - Guide to Boston Harbor

Famous Lighthouses of New England 1945

Capsules of Boston

Sailing Down Boston Bay

Searching for Treasure

Cruising the Massachusetts Coast

South Shore to Cape Cod by Canoe

True Adventure Tales

A Pilgrim Returns to Cape Cod 1946

The Romance of Boston Bay 1944

Winthrop by the Sea

A Century at the Boston Y.M.C.U.

Mysteries and Adventures Along the Atlantic Coast 1948

Exploring the Rim

Strange Tales from Nova Scotia to Cape Hatteras 1949

Drames et Mysterer de la mer

Snow’s Sea Coast Packet

Unusual Events in Boston History

Exploring the North River

Enigmas of the Sea

Hampshire Areas

New England Lighthouse Date Book. 1964

Lighthouse Date Book. 1957

This month, we received a letter from Jim from Maine, who wrote that he purchased the shown U. S. Lighthouse Establishment clock by Chelsea Clock Company. He purchased this in 1945 from a war surplus store when he was fourteen years old, for the sum of $5. The clock has matching case and works’ serial numbers and still runs well. He was wondering what the value today might be. As we can see here, Jim had a good eye even then. Jim found a good piece, probably c1880-1900. The value of this piece is based a great deal on condition. For this make and style of clock, the value range is generally between $1600-2500 in original and running condition. It is a plus that the clock still runs well, and that the face is intact and has not been restored. The case and bezel appear to be worn of their original nickel plating, thus detracting a bit but not a great deal. In this original; running condition, I feel that this clock would certainly sell in the $2200 range. One mistake that some make is to have the clock case and face restored. This is really not essential and would reduce the value greatly if the face or case were touched up in any way. The movement may be cleaned and adjusted by an expert but the face and case should be left as is. Thanks for the note Jim, this was a great find.

Next time we will take a look some more unusual recent finds. Please continue to send in your questions on the subject or a photograph of an object that you need help dating or identifying. We will include the answer to a selected inquiry as a regular feature each month in our column.

Jim Claflin is a recognized authority on antiques of the U.S. Lighthouse Service, Life-Saving Service, Revenue Cutter Service and early Coast Guard. In addition to authoring and publishing a number of books on the subject, Jim is the owner of Kenrick A Claflin & Son Nautical Antiques. In business since 1956, he has specialized in antiques of this specialty since the early 1990’s. He may be contacted by writing to him at 30 Hudson Street, Northborough, MA 01532, or by calling 508-393-9814. You may also contact him by email: jclaflin@ma.ultranet. or visit his web site at www.ultranewt.com/~jclaflin

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