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Lighthouse Depot and Email

By Geoff Baker


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Lighthouse Depot regularly sends out email to people, generally a couple of times a month. We have a current email user list of over 60,000 people.

What are our email policies? How did we get these names?

First things first: we have NEVER bought a single email address. Some sites will go out and buy a list, and then send email to that list. That is called “spamming.”

When someone joins our membership (by clicking on the Join/Edit button on any page) they are asked for their email address. We explain that they have the following choices: they can choose to not get anything from us, to receive emails just from us, or to allow us to trade their email address with other carefully selected companies. (To date, we have yet to make any trades). Additionally, they choose what format they want their email in: HTML (with fancy formatting and graphics) or text only. (AOL users note: you should only select “text only”... the AOL mail client doesn’t like formatting.

The same process happens if a user requests a free catalog or a sample of our print magazine, Lighthouse Digest. They fill out the form, and at that time select how they want their email address treated.

After joining, members get a sample newsletter, the most recent one we have on file. (This is a sample only... any special pricing or clearance sale information is already out of date and should be ignored).

And every time... and I repeat, EVERY TIME, we send out an email to a member, they can choose to edit their email preferences, or to unsubscribe - just by clicking on the appropriate link in the email.

We have tried to make this system as simple, fast and user friendly as possible, because we understand that everybody is getting way too much junk email already, and we don’t want to add to the problem! And some site have complicated unsubscribe systems... ours is only a couple of clicks away.

If you every try to unsubscribe, but get an error, that is because the server is very busy. Just wait and try again another time.

Lastly, if you purchase a product, you will receive a verification notice from us via email. (If you don’t get that it means the order did not process correctly... so call us if you have any questions!)

Our philosophy is: Email is a very powerful tool, and a very dangerous one too. We want our customers, readers and members to be looking forward to receiving our interesting and informative e-newsletters and special sale offers... we never want them to think of us as just another piece of junk email in their inbox!

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