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For many people, our search feature is a convenient and fast way to get information about the site. However, we get a surprising volume of email where people ask us how to find things on the site... so this month’s column will address how easy it is to find things on our site.

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Really, all you pretty much have to do is type in your query in the “Search Us” box on the left hand side of any page. Now I am sure people are saying, as they read this, “Hey, that is so obvious. I knew that!”

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But a lot of people aren’t aware that:

If you have a current catalog of ours in your hand, you can type the product number into the search box on our website and it will go straight to the product. So you want more info about the new copper lighthouse fountain featured in our latest catalog? Type 10873 in the Search Us boxand there you are... right at the product.

The search engine is pretty powerful. It simultaneously searches our product database, the Lighthouse Explorer Database, and the Lighthouse Digest Magazine online database.

So if you type “Hatteras” in the search box, you will see that you can do the following:

You can click to read 107 stories in the Lighthouse Digest online archives which contain the word “Hatteras” and you can search them by date or alphabetically.

You can view 199 products in the Lighthouse Depot Online store which contain the word “Hatteras”

You can view 68 photographs in the Lighthouse Digest Photograph Archives database that contain the word “Hatteras” in the caption or in the related story.

And lastly, you can view info about 3 lighthouses in our Lighthouse Explorer database that contain the word or phrase “Hatteras” in either their name, nickname, or in the notes or general information section of the database.


Thats a lot of information for just one word!!

So remember, if you are looking for something, Search Us!


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