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Polish Twin of Cleveland’s Lost Lighthouse Saw Beginning of WW II


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The Cleveland Main Lighthouse, no longer ...

Built in 1894, Poland’s Gdansk New Port Lighthouse is one of Poland’s oldest surviving towers. It has the distinction of being at the very spot where World War II started. It was from this lighthouse and the nearby moored battleship Schleswig Holstein that Germany first opened fire, on September 1, 1939, on Polish positions across the river.

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The lighthouse served as an active aid to navigation until 1980 when it was decommissioned and left unattended.

Now, the old lighthouse my again have a new life. Polish born and life long lighthouse aficionado Stefan J. Michaela of Montreal-Verdun, Canada, have purchased it. His plans call for him to restore the lighthouse and display an exhibit on the walls of the inside of the tower of lighthouses from around the world.

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