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Cat Island Surprise

I want to thank you for featuring my lighthouse dollhouse, Cat Island Light, in your February issue. It was such a thrill to see it in your magazine. I had sent the photos in last fall hoping you would use them. As each issue came in, I would quickly skim through it looking for my lighthouse. By the time February’s issue came, I had given up so I wasn’t even looking for the photos. So it really was a surprise when I spotted “Cat Island Light” in bold print-that’s what took my eye first. I had a smile on my face all evening. I brought the magazine in to work the next day so my coworkers could see it. They were very impressed. Another worker outside my immediate office asked to borrow the magazine. I pointed her in the direction of your website. You’ll probably get a request from her for a sample issue. Another convert? I’ve been a subscriber for 7 or 8 years and I have all the back issues. I’ve also attended a couple of the ALF meetings on Cape Cod and in Rhode Island. Your magazine is read cover-to-cover and enjoyed by my family.

Thank you again for the pleasure of seeing my lighthouse in your magazine.

Emily Court

Just a note of thanks

I’m sure my addiction to lighthouses began a few years ago when we purchased a cottage in Ashtabula, Ohio surrounded by the Ashtabula Lighthouse and that of Fairport Harbor and Conneaute Lighthouse. I’m proud to say that my collection of lighthouses and books rapidly went from a few to dozens!! Every family member knows what to purchase for holidays and other events for me. On this note I had to tell you how very much I’ve enjoyed my first issue of Lighthouse Digest. Your articles on historical matters, along with current efforts to preserve these treasures, have me waiting for my next issue. With hopes of becoming a long time subscriber, I thank you for a job well done.

Linda Veign

Sharon, PA

Relatives make Montauk Twin

My son in law, Tom and grandchildren, Andrew and Sarah built this lighthouse to surprise me at Christmas. The replica is based on their favorite, Long Island’s Montauk Point and it even lights up with a timer. I was so impressed that I had to share a picture of it with Lighthouse Digest.

Bruce Rigby

Attleboro, MA

St George Reef holds special place

My husband, Roy, and I have followed with interest in previous issues of Lighthouse Digest the trials and tribulations of St. George Reef’s lighthouse lantern room and the attempts of the St. George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society to restore the lighthouse.

Sine St. George Reef Lighthouse holds a special place in our hearts, we were devastated to learn that the lantern room had been destroyed in an accident while it was being moved to shore for repairs. We were delighted when we heard that it was being rebuilt using as many parts as could be salvaged. We heard nothing more after that.

On December 30th, 2001, we were in Crescent City, CA and made a concerted effort to discover the status of the St. George Reef Lighthouse lantern room. Luck was on our side and we discovered, to our delight, the reconstructed lantern room decorated for the holidays sitting outside the business that rebuilt it, near the harbor of Crescent City.

Enclosed you will find photograph of me examining the finished project.

Our next moment of joy will be when we look through our binoculars discover it all back in one piece.

I very much enjoy Lighthouse Digest and read every issue from cover to cover, especially information on lighthouses in the Pacific Northwest.

Terri White

Newberg, OR

Presentation stirs drawing

I have an ongoing project to photograph all the lighthouses of the Great Lakes.

Knowing this, a friend asked if I could do a presentation to his daughter’s 3rd grade class. To insure that I could maintain the interest, I included stories of several haunted lighthouses.

A week or so after my presentation I received a thick envelope containing a hand colored thank you note from each child. The one enclosed from Jacob Hicks is so priceless that I thought you might want to share it with your readers.

Kent Gurney

Richfield, OH

Jacob’s letter says:

Dear Mr. Gurney,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to our class. All of the haunted lighthouses were so cool. I want to go see them sometime next summer. Can I go with you next time you go? Please. Mr. Gurney, I can bring $100 in cash to go to the lighthouses of Lake Michigan. I think your lighthouses are so cool to look at. I enjoyed your presentation very much. Your friend, Jacob Hicks

Old light inspires

On Sept 7th of last year, my husband Bob and I set out on a trip exploring lighthouses to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Lighthouses are a passion for both of us and visiting them is something we love doing together. The last of our four sons went off to college and in August we were filled with a sense of adventure. We started out by visiting Mackinac Island in Michigan and then saw several lighthouses on the northernmost shore of Lake Michigan in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. On the morning of September 11 we were preparing to leave Mackinaw City when we received news pf the terrorist attacks from one of our sons. Stunned and sickened by what we saw on the television, we debated about whether or not we should return home. Finally after talking with each of our children and being assured of their safety, we decided to continue on with our trip.

The pictures I have sent were taken on Sept 12th at Old Presque Isle Lighthouse on Lake Huron. I was struck by the beauty and serenity of the lighthouse and its location. It was completely peaceful and seemed a million miles away from the destruction on the east coast, and yet, even there, the flag was at half-mast in tribute. The tragedy had even touched that remote spot. It was very meaningful to us at that time. For the rest of our trip the lighthouses we saw symbolized peace, strength, and stability to us. They are still places of refuge just as they were many years ago.

We saw a total of 29 lights on our trip and it was a memorable time we shared together. I felt compelled to share the photos and the story with you, knowing that you will appreciate both. God Bless.

Susie Rosen

Carmel, IN

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