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Send a Lighthouse Card to a Friend

By Geoffrey Baker


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Some web sites have made their entire business out of sending e-cards for you. Go to one, and they might have 50, or 500 free e-cards to choose from. Did you know that Lighthouse Digest has literally thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of e-cards you can send?

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That’s right—every picture in our Lighthouse Explorer Database can be sent as a card! And every picture on file, more than five years worth, from Lighthouse Digest Magazine Online can be sent as a card as well!

It’s pretty easy, but like a lot of cool things on our web site, it might take you years to find!

Here’s how you do it . . .

Through the Lighthouse Explorer Database (www.lhdepot.com/explorer.cfm):

1) Go to the lighthouse of your choice in the database, either by typing its name into the search box on the left side of the page, or by clicking on the alphabetical list and selecting it from the list for that letter that appears.

2) Click on the link under the picture to enlarge the picture. (If it doesn’t have a picture, well you can’t send it as a card then, can you?) NOTE: If there are two links under the picture, select the smallest one. You cannot send a high resolution picture, because some of them are so large they could take a very, very long time to send!)

3) At the top of the next page above the picture of the lighthouse, will be a link “Send this photo as a greeting card!” Click on it.

4)Select the background for the card (if you have trouble seeing these it is because they are very light, and may not show up on monitors showing less than 65,000 colors) and the font for the card (Times or Arial) and enter your message.

5) IMPORTANT: You must fill out ALL the fields or it will not send correctly, you will just get an error. Include your first and last name, your email, the first and last name and email of the person you are sending the card to, the subject line, and the message you wish to send.

6) Click “Finished.”

7) If you did it correctly, you will receive this message:

“Congratulations. Your friend has been notified that they can pick up their card. You can return to the database by clicking here.”

Your friend will receive an email with this information:

Hi there!

John Doe has created a lighthouse greeting card just for you!

You can collect it by going to this link:



The webteam at Lighthouse Depot

This is a free community service provided by Lighthouse Depot and Lighthouse Digest Magazine.”

Once your friend reads the email and clicks on the link, they will be able to see the picture, and your message.

(To send a photo from Lighthouse Digest Online, it’s basically the same. Just open a story with a photo, click to enlarge the photo, and select “Send this photo as a greeting card!” Then follow the same instructions as described above.)

You can use this as often as you like! It’s a great way to send a friend a great lighthouse photo, let them know about what you found on our site, or just to let someone who loves lighthouses know that you’ve been thinking about them.

And it’s all free, thanks to the great people at Lighthouse Digest Magazine, who let me, the webmaster, play around and add cool things for you on the website!

Got something you would love to see on our site? Email me at webmaster@lhdepot.com!

This story appeared in the March 2002 edition of Lighthouse Digest Magazine. The print edition contains more stories than our internet edition, and each story generally contains more photographs - often many more - in the print edition. For subscription information about the print edition, click here.

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