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Looking for a Scenic Lighthouse Getaway? Try Croatia!

By Jeremy D'Entremont


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Palagruza Lighthouse is in the middle of the ...
Photo by: A. Carli, PLOVPUT, and adriatica.net.

Croatia’s long Adriatic coastline has 1,185 islands and is renowned for its scenic rocky cliffs, bays and inlets, and it’s also said to be among the sunniest coastlines in Europe. Ever since the war in the former Yugoslavia, Croatia has been working hard to rebuild their tourist industry. European tourists have been flocking to Croatia’s uncrowded beaches and reasonably priced accommodations. There’s now a new draw that may interest more Americans — especially lighthouse buffs — in Croatian vacations.

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Porer Lighthouse is off the southern cape of the ...
Photo by: A. Carli, PLOVPUT, and adriatica.net.

Like maritime agencies around the world, the Croatian government agency Plovput has systematically automated all of the nation’s navigational aids. As a result, many lighthouses were left without personnel and were threatened by deterioration.

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Sv. Petar Lighthouse is near the town of ...
Photo by: A. Carli, PLOVPUT, and adriatica.net.

Plovput has come up with a creative solution to this challenge. In 1998 Plovput started a project called “Pharos,” with the goal of renovating the lighthouses and offering them to travelers as unique vacation spots. In 1999 the project was renamed “Kamena svjetla” (kamena means stone and svjetla means lights) and 11 lighthouses were renovated. In the past year another lighthouse has been renovated. And according to Neven Seric, Plovput’s marketing manager who organized and managed the program, there are plans to restore at least five more lighthouses in 2002.

Plovput is presently offering the public the opportunity to vacation in twelve of their lighthouses. According to the Plovput website, “You will have the opportunity to observe the ships passing by the old lighthouses... along the Adriatic Sea. In these oases of peace and isolation you will experience incredible adventures in the marine environment which have heretofore been inaccessible, and also enjoy swimming, diving, fishing and other sea-related activities. Come and be at least for a short time one of the lightkeepers on our lighthouses. Choose the challenge!”

Living conditions at the lighthouses are more modern than you might expect. All the accommodations have hot and cold running water and electricity, and they all have TV. Guests are advised to bring washing supplies and food; other necessities may be supplied at extra cost. Many of the lighthouses are offshore, but Plovput will provide safe parking for your car and/or a berth for your boat in the nearest marina. In most cases, the cars are parked in the lighthouse keeper’s backyard.

According to the booking agency adriatica.net, almost 40 reservations have already been made for the 2002 season. Also, many of the lighthouses have been rented for New Year’s Eve. “The lighthouses are a unique spot for entering the New Year — not like Times Square, but definitely special!” says Mihaela Rojnic of adriatica.net. So far visitors from the very young to people in their 70s have taken advantage of this opportunity, and the guests have come from all over the world — Americans as well as tourists from most European countries.

Many of these lighthouse stations are in breathtaking surroundings, and some of the buildings date back to the first half of the 19th century. (The oldest Croatian lighthouse, on Cape Savudrija in Istria, was built in 1818.) By taking advantage of this unique vacation opportunity, you’ll also be helping to preserve Croatia’s maritime history.

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Selska 34

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Email: info@adriatica.net.

Phone: +385 (0)1 3644-461

Fax: +385 (0)1 3644-463

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