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Nov/Dec 2023

This is the 26th year that Maine artist Virginia Souza has created an original whimsical painting for the holiday cover of Lighthouse Digest. The Christmas covers were the inspiration of Tim Harrison; it was 26 years ago when he asked Virginia to do the first one – White Shoals, Michigan. This year, as a special tribute, Virginia asked to paint Tim’s hometown lighthouse with both Tim and Santa in the painting. We hope you will agree, that she has done a fitting tribute to Tim Harrison, our editor for the last 31 years. This year’s lighthouse is thQe Holland Harbor Light in Michigan, more commonly known as Big Red. Her painting is titled “Yes, Santa, there is a Tim.” It pays homage to the fact that Tim Harrison was a driving force in saving lighthouses and their rich history for generations to come. The 11”x17” prints of this year’s cover image are $20 each, plus shipping and can be ordered from Virginia Souza, Painted Pirate Gallery, 649 St. George Rd, S. Thomaston, ME 04858. (207) 502-9889. Email: vesouza.maineart@gmail.com. If you have a special lighthouse that you’d like painted or something else like a painting of your favorite pet or your home, or other subject, she can also do that. All she needs is a photograph or two to work from – just contact Virginia and let her create a personal masterpiece for you. Thank you to Virginia Souza for doing such a special tribute this year.

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